New Developments

Strong Wind- Anemometer

  • This Anemometer is protected against flying parts in windstorm.
  • It can be deliver with signal electronic amplifier, so that a signal transmission up to 200 m cable length is possible.

Radiation protection enclosure according to Paetz - Prof. Miegel®

  • This radiation protection enclosure (RPE) is the only weather shelter that can measure air temperature without radiation error. The radiation-related temperature error is ≤ 0.001 K, so this error is not relevant for climate measurement.

The RPE consists of multiple profiles which overlap, while at the same time being completely separated from each other, allowing the air to flow between them into the measuring chamber. A canalisation system with a radiation protection chamber and a screen prevents radiation from penetrating the measuring chamber and the gas flow from coming into contact with the radiation protection elements. Thermally, the canalisation system is horizontally and vertically separeted from the radiation protection elements. The radiation protection system is so positioned that the radiation is blocked on three sides (from the above, the sides and from below), and as a result cannot influence the sensors inside the measuring chamber. Both outer profiles are equipped with passive heat sinks on the rear making use of the chimney effect.