Radiation protection - Temperature

  • Radiation protection enclosure according to Paetz - Prof. Miegel® (3.001.01)
    Radiation protection enclosure according to Paetz - Prof. Miegel® (RE)
    This RE consists of profiles positioned several times inside one another, which are completely separated from each other in terms of flow technology. A sewage system with a radiation protection chamber and screen prevents radiation from entering the measuring chamber and the flowing gas not colliding with the radiation protection elements. The sewage system is thermally separated from the radiation protection elements horizontally and vertically. The two outer profiles are operated by the convective transport of the gas. The inner and the measuring channel are ventilated by a forced secondary flow. With the development of this patented innovative radiation protection enclosure according to Paetz®, the prerequisite has been met to carry out incomparably precise measurements of global warming (absolute temperature measurement error less than 0.02 K by optimally reducing any radiation error).
  • Radiation protection hut with plastic slats (3.002.01)
    The hut is made of several individual slats made of a special white colored plastic. We also offer a version with electrical ventilation to obtain exact temperature values even when there is no wind. The ventilation speed is 3 m / s.
    In addition, all versions are also available with a transmitter; this is located in the housing below the sensor. Outputs 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA are available.