Founded in 1875 by the Rosenmüller brothers as precision mechanics workshops in Dresden, anemometerbau GmbH rostock has a long tradition of continuous development and production in flow measurement and recording devices, e.g. for meteorology. In 1993 the company headquarters were moved to Rostock. From the lowest to extremely high flow velocities - we create innovative solutions for your very special problems. Self-sufficient loggers measure long-term, high-density values in places that are difficult to access for technical and meteorological purposes.
Our experience culminates in automatic climate measurement stations, which, thanks to their patented innovative radiation protection enclosure according to Paetz - Prof. Miegel®, allow incomparably precise measurement of global warming (absolute temperature measurement errors less than 0.02 K by optimally reducing any radiation errors).

Anemometerbau GmbH rostock offers:

Flow sensors with high measurement accuracy, tailored to the wind speed requirements and needs of the customer.
Radiation protection enclosure according to Paetz - Prof. Miegel®, which enables long-term temperature measurement without radiation errors.
Data logger with analog and digital channels in which high-precision temperature measurement channels are integrated, which enable direct temperature access to the sensors.
Construction of self-sufficient fully automatic climate measuring stations even for extreme locations.

Our range of services includes the development and manufacture of customer-specific solutions through to patent development and brands.

We would be happy to advise you personally. Just talk to us.

Yours Joachim Pätz, CEO anemometerbau GmbH rostock

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